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Youth Camp
We are part of the association that owns and supports Baptist Youth Camp (BYC) in Charlotte, Maine. Each summer youth's lives are changed forever by the experience they have during their week of camping! Please contact Pastor Matt (207) 454-2579 for more information and dates.  - www.byc.cc

This is a spirit filled 5 days of great Christian music! The SoulFest people say it is "New England's Premier Christian Concert" and the youth (and adults) that went last year agree. Held on the side of Gunstock Mountain in New Hampshire, five stages perform each day filling the air with the gospel message. If you would like to come along for this trip, contact Kathy Francis at (207) 454-7684. - www.thesoulfest.com

Vacation Bible School
For one week each summer, 2BC hosts Vacation Bible School (VBS). Each day for a whole week, children grades 4 through grade 6 come to learn more about Jesus in a super fun way. Everything that is done is based around one theme (last summer's theme was Space). We have games, snacks, lessons, music, crafts, and more! The kids always have a terrific time and so do the adults! If you are interested in VBS for yourself or your child, please call Karen Marshall at (207) 454-0289.

2BC Uth (that's right, Youth!)
Our Uth meet twice a month to discuss certain "hot topics," play games, learn lots about Jesus, hang out, take trips and do other great things!! If you would like to be involved with 2BC Uth, call Pastor Matt at (207)-454-2579, Debbie Little at (207) 454-7655 or Steve McFadden at (207) 454-0611.

Super Bowl in Portland
Each year, the youth of Maine gather together at the Portland Maine Civic Center for a fun filled night of Christian fellowship. They attend a Portland Pirates hockey game, hear an inspirational speaker, bowl, meet new teens, and generally just have a wonderful time! This past year 2BC won an award for the group coming from the farthest away! 2BC won an award for the group coming from the farthest away! If you would like to link up for this great event (you or your child), call Kathy Francis at
(207) 454-7684.

Each year, Maine's youth of gather together in Bangor for a 2-day (Friday night & Saturday) youth discipleship event.  There is praise music, age-appropriate breakout groups, learning workshops, fellowship, food, games and fun.  A renown youth  speaker and motivator is enlisted for the event.  In addition, there is Christian popular musical artist/band that ROCKS OUT on Saturday evening.  This is a MUST-ATTEND event for all youth (grades 6-12!)

For more information, please contact Steve McFadden at (207) 454-0611.  www.striveforchange.net

Visit YouthWorks! Youthworks is a multi-denominational youth ministry that has been in Calais for the past several years. For 10 weeks during the summer, a staff of four young adults lead and serve with groups of up to 72 youth from all over the country. They do various things such as; a daily kids club; work projects through the area; visit the nursing homes, and have a playtime at the Pleasant Point Indian Reservation. Youthworks leaders and the visiting youth reside at the church during their stay. 

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